2015 / 05 / 14  14:42

『The Japan Journal 』 5月号に掲載されました。

日本の動向を世界に発信する月刊情報誌『The Japan Journal』5月号。


 "It's really a pleasure to work here," says KOIL Park member Watanabe Yuji of R1 Professional. "You can also meet some interesting people."  While engaged in restaurant management consulting and the sale of tableware through the Internet, Watanabe had been searching for a way to do business that would enable him to contribute to society more directly.

In the course of his search,he learned of Kashiwanoha Smart City in Kashiwa,his hometown.The community's ideals of living harmoniously with nature and launching new industries struck a chord with him,so in july of last year, he relocated from Tokyo to the KOIL.

 Some time later,Watanabe launched a project to support women in their jobs and in childrearing. Together with a company president that he met at the KOIL,he sponsors events aimed at women with children.

 "I want to build a community where women with children can help each other,"Watanabe says."As a business manager and a citizen,I want to do something useful for the development of this commnity."